How to Bake With Dextrose

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Dextrose is another name for glucose. When the body digests processed sugar, it converts it to glucose, a natural sugar found in fruits and starches. Commercial bakers and confectioners often replace white sugar with dextrose, which is about 30 percent less sweet than sugar. Because the body doesn't need to digest dextrose before using it, foods that use dextrose affect the bloodstream more quickly than foods that use white sugar. Aside from the difference in sweetness, dextrose behaves like sugar in cooking and baking.

Divide the amount of sugar in the recipe by 0.7 to determine how much dextrose will have equal sweetness. For example, if the recipe specifies 2 cups of sugar, divide 2 by 0.7 to get 2.85 cups of dextrose.

Mix the dextrose with the other ingredients as the recipe dictates. Bake the item as usual.

Replace sugar with equal amounts of dextrose to adjust the level of sweetness of the recipe. This is a simple way to alter a recipe without needing to change the other ingredients. You can bake a less-sweet item without changing the volume of flour, butter or baking soda.


Dextrose is not a low-calorie sugar substitute.


People with diabetes should not bake with dextrose, because it elevates the blood sugar very quickly.