What Is Nutritional Value of Sugar?

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Granulated sugar, also called table sugar, is found in many baked goods, soft drinks and cereals. White sugar is a pantry staple, but sugar also comes in other forms, such as brown and powdered, which are products of a different manufacturing process.

Serving Size

Nutritional data are calculated based on a serving size of one ounce of granulated sugar.

Calorie Breakdown

One serving of granulated sugar provides 108 calories.

Nutrient Overview

One ounce of sugar delivers 28 grams of carbohydrate, but zero grams of protein and fat.

Nutritional Values

Sugar is 100 percent carbohydrate and contains no vitamins, minerals or fatty acids.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Sugar delivers a quick energy boost, as it is rapidly absorbed in the bloodstream. However, the quick release of energy that sugar provides also fades quickly, and can cause the body to experience an energy slump.


Diabetics and others with insulin sensitivities should control their sugar consumption according to their doctors’ guidelines.