Can You Treat Diaper Rash With Plain Yogurt?

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Acidophiles cultures often are used to clear up stubborn yeast rashes, and diaper rashes are no different. Many of the worst diaper rashes actually are yeast rashes that normal diaper creams have a hard time curing. A normal diaper rash cream does make a fitting barrier for contact rashes, but plain yogurt is a better choice for yeast rashes. Yogurt also is an appropriate option for babies whose skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals. The cultures are found naturally in the body and in foods such as yogurt. Unlike normal diaper creams, acidophiles cultures are not a produced chemical. You can find yogurt with acidophiles cultures in your grocery. The yogurt container will say that it contains acidophiles cultures.

Eat plain yogurt with acidophiles cultures if you are nursing your baby. You transfer cultures through your breast milk to your baby.

Feed your baby plain yogurt daily if he is eating solid foods. Add the yogurt to your baby's breakfast or lunch. The yogurt must have acidophiles cultures and no sugar. Acidophiles cultures attack sugar and produce lactic acid, making the cultures less effective in treating rashes.

Apply a thick layer of plain, sugar-free yogurt to the diaper rash. Use enough yogurt to completely cover the rash just as you would with diaper rash ointment. This is especially helpful for mothers and babies who cannot tolerate yogurt in their diet.

Wipe away any remaining yogurt at each diaper change with a clean baby wipe or wet washcloth. Reapply the yogurt with each fresh diaper until the rash has cleared.


Always contact your pediatrician for any open blisters present in the diaper rash.