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Caraway Seeds for Indigestion or Gas

By Martin Hughes

Indigestion, a burning sensation in your upper abdomen that is often accompanied by gas, bloating and nausea, is a common health complaint. Though people of all ages may develop indigestion you may have a greater likelihood of experiencing this condition if you drink excess alcohol, take prescription drugs that irritate your stomach lining and have health problems such as GERD or depression, notes the Cleveland Clinic. Discuss the risks, benefits and limitations of caraway seeds and other herbs with your doctor before using these natural healing agents.

Indigestion and Intestinal Gas

Many factors or conditions can cause indigestion and intestinal gas, notes the Ohio State University Medical Center, including excessive alcohol consumption, long-term smoking, certain prescription drugs, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, acid reflux and stomach ulcers. Common signs and symptoms associated with indigestion include flatulence, reduced appetite, belching, nausea and either constipation or diarrhea. Eating slowly, consuming small meals and avoiding high-acid foods, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, may be helpful in treating your indigestion.

About Caraway

Caraway is a biennial plant that is indigenous to Europe, Asia and North Africa. The caraway plant, also known as Carum carvi, bears pink or white flowers and crescent-shaped fruit and can grow to a maximum height of about 25 inches. Caraway thrives in rich soil and warm growing conditions. The dried ripe fruit and the seeds of the caraway plant contain numerous plant chemicals, including carvone and limonene, and are used in herbal preparations.

Caraway Used and Actions

Caraway seeds may be helpful in treating your indigestion and accompanying intestinal gas. In his book "The Natural Pharmacy," medical doctor Alan R. Gaby reports that caraway seeds have traditionally been used in treating indigestion, colic, gingivitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Caraway seeds have also been used in treating upset stomach with gas and belching. Caraway seeds have the ability to stimulate healthy stomach action and reduce or prevent intestinal gas. More clinical research trials may be needed to prove the efficacy of caraway seeds for these health purposes.


Indigestion and intestinal gas, though commonly experienced health problems, can cause significant discomfort and reduce your quality of life. To gain a better understanding of the role of herbal remedies in treating your indigestion, meet with a healthcare professional who specializes in botanical medicine. Herbal remedies may cause significant physiological effects and should only be used if you are under the care of a qualified health care provider. Ask your physician if herbs, including caraway seeds, are right for you.

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