Sinus Relief Reflexology

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Sinus pressure is annoying at best and severely painful at worst. Whether the problem arises from allergies, pollutants or other environmental irritants -- or it's a serious ailment -- you may be able to find some relief from the congestion and accompanying pain by using reflexology. Reflexology is a set of techniques that rely on maps of nerves in the hands and feet. By applying pressure to specific points, you may be able to ease your sinus problems.


Reflexology can be as effective for sinus relief as other homeopathic remedies, such as nasal irrigation with a bulb or pot, according to a University of Wisconsin School of Medicine study. Participants in the study found significant relief after two weeks, including a decrease in the use of sinus medications. You may need stronger intervention if your sinus problems are related to serious infections or blockages -- but if reflexology can help, it will work best when you're hydrated. Drink plenty of water regularly and especially drink a large glass before undertaking sinus-relief techniques.


The reflexology points for sinus relief are located at the tips of the fingers, tips of the toes, and under the nails of each. Under the nails of the hands, the meridian or energy points are located on either the outer or inner side of the nail bed. The thumb's point is on the outer side. The index and middle finger points are on the same side as the thumb. The ring finger is on the side of the pinky and the pinky has two points on each side of the nail bed. The big toe has two points on each side of the nail bed and the points of the other toes are located on the outer side nearer the pinky toe.


You can perform this technique yourself, ask someone to help or visit a certified reflexologist. Squeeze the tips of each of your fingers and toes individually for at least five seconds each. Start on the right foot, then the right hand, followed by the left foot and left hand. After squeezing the tips, move to the points just below the nails of each toe and finger, in the same order. Use one finger and apply pressure in a clockwise motion for at least 10 seconds each, then for another 10 seconds in a counter-clockwise direction.

Under the Toes

According to, the underside of the toes, with the exception of the big toes, each contain two points, at the underside of the tips and above the balls of the feet, that may help you with sinus relief, too. Directly under these points, on the balls of the feet, are points that stimulate your ears. By applying similar pressure, as described above, to these points, you may experience relief of symptoms related to sinus blockage, drainage or infection related to the ear canal, too.