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Bush Mango for Weight Loss

By Sheila Smitt ; Updated July 18, 2017

You can achieve weight loss by making changes in your diet, exercise and supplement intake. While supplements can provide excellent immediate results, you also need to exercise and reduce calories as part of any weight-loss program.


Bush mango is also called wild mango or African mango. Its botanical name is Irvingiagabonensis and it grows in Africa and South East Asia. The tree is a hardwood and the fruit is a fleshy, fibrous drupe, but it is the seeds that are used for weight loss. Traditionally, these are dried in the sun, ground to paste or powder and used to thicken certain Nigerian and Cameroonian soups. The bush-mango-seed extract used for weight loss is rich in proteins, fiber and antioxidants.


Bush-mango extract contributes to weight loss in four major areas. First, it raises the level of adiponectin in the blood, which improves the action of insulin in the body. Secondly, it reduces the level of glycerol-3-phospate, which is responsible for high triglyceride levels. You body stores some triglycerides as fat, while other excess triglycerides thicken the blood, which can lead to clotting, blockage and possibly heart attack and stroke.

Thirdly, bush-mango extract reduces the blood concentration of c-reactive proteins. The result of this action is increased leptin entry into the brain, which improves the feedback signaling you when you are full and should stop eating. Lastly, bush mango inhibits the amylase responsible for converting starch to sugar. By stopping this conversion, starch is excreted instead of contributing to the body’s fat store after turning to sugar.


One study published in 2008 in the medical journal “Lipids in Health and Disease” gave a group of participants 150 mg of bush-mango-seed extracts 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. The control group was given 150 mg of placebo at the same time. Of the 102 obese participants, the group getting bush-mango extract showed significant lowering of LDL, total cholesterol and blood-glucose levels, while seeing marked reduction in body fat, girth and weight.

Another study done in the same journal found that taking extracts of Veldt grape or Cissusquadrangula alongside bush-mango extracts, provides a synergistic effect regarding the reduction of total and LDL cholesterol as well as fasting blood glucose.


While these clinical studies find bush mango to be effective in achieving weight loss, there are few such studies. Therefore, bush-mango extract should not be considered a magic pill. However, hundreds of years of use in Africa provide an assurance of the safety and efficacy of bush-mango extracts. Still, consult your physician before starting a regimen of the extract.

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