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How to Counteract Too Much Hotness in Food

By Susan Diranian

Eating spicy foods may boost your metabolism, lower high blood pressure and the risk of a stroke or heart attack, prevent certain cancers and improve your mood. To experience these health benefits, add a dash of hot sauce, shake some red pepper flakes or add a couple of jalapenos in your next meal. If you added too much spice, or the spice was a lot hotter than you expected, then have a few condiments handy, including dairy and sugar.

  1. Take a bite of your peppers before adding to your food. If it's too spicy for your tastes, use a knife to cut out the seeds and inner membrane, which is the main sources of heat.

  2. Add sugar. If your salsa turned out too spicy or needs a quick fix to counteract too much spice, add sugar or something sweet like pineapple chunks or honey.

  3. Use cooling condiments, such as ranch dressing or sour cream, with your meal. Dairy products help counteract the hotness in food.

  4. Drink milk or a sweet, non-carbonated beverage like lemonade.

  5. Eat bread or rice to absorb the spice.

  6. Tip

    Take an antacid if you feel the burn after eating a spicy meal.


    Don't drink water. Water does very little to counteract the hotness in food. In most cases, it just moves the hotness around.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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