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How to Flavor Plain Protein Powder

By Chris Callaway

While protein powder has many benefits, one downside is its taste. Simply mixing the powder with water does not cover up the bitter flavor, but you can use alternative methods to disguise your protein powder’s flavor so that you can reap the powder’s benefits without enduring the taste.

  1. Add chocolate drink mix to the protein powder before mixing with milk or water. The chocolate will sweeten the drink and help cover the powder’s taste.

  2. Process or blend fruit with your protein shake. Fruits like strawberries, cherries, bananas and raspberries are full of flavor and have a natural sweetness that can counteract the protein powder’s bitterness.

  3. Mix the protein powder with your favorite yogurt. The yogurt likely has a fruit or dessert flavor, and while the protein powder’s taste will be noticeable, the yogurt’s creamy texture will help hide the protein powder’s grit and make it taste better.

  4. Tip

    Experiment with different amounts of fruits or chocolate to find a mixture that makes the protein powder palatable to you.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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