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How to Teach Kids to Be Humble

Although self-confidence is often toted as a desirable attribute, adding humility to the equation adds a perspective that ensures appropriate confidence 2. Being humble enables you to be courteous to people around you, listening to others, seeking to learn and placing others before yourself. Teaching children to be humble from the beginning enables you to build on the natural humility inherent in young children 2.

Show your child to be humble by being humble. Don't place an emphasis on what you get done and what you have. Instead, focus on what is getting done. Part of being humble is understanding and accepting that you won't always get credit for what you do. For example, don't just say, "I cooked dinner for the party." Give credit to those who helped you by saying "Dinner is ready. Susan helped with the vegetables, and Randy helped with the pie." That places those who helped you before yourself.

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Participate in activities that help others. Take your child to clean a park, suggests Leadership for Success Institute. Volunteer at a hospital, cut a neighbor's grass or pick up trash along the highway. This helps your child to understand that service to others through being humble isn't a weakness.

Play role-playing games with puppets or toys to encourage humility 2. Devise situations calling for a humble response and act them out with puppets. For example, you might teach your child how to accept a compliment by showing her an appropriate exchange between two puppets.

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Remind your children that even people who aren't as fortunate as you are still valued. A truly humble person realizes that everyone needs to be respected. Show your children how children in other countries live. Explain that the children are still children just like them but live in a different manner.

Apologize for your mistakes and expect your child to do the same. Apologizing makes you place your pride aside, and it is one of the most humbling things you can do. Even if you are only a little wrong, apologize quickly without expecting anything in return.

Encourage your child to set goals and use appropriate and ethical methods to reach those goals. A humble person won't use any questionable methods to reach a goal. Discourage cheating, lying and bad sportsmanship.