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Social Benefits of a Healthy Diet

By David Benjamin

It’s no secret that eating habits play a substantial role in both short and long term health and fitness. Experts have been promoting the physiological benefits of healthy eating for years. What you may not realize however is that a healthy diet can result in numerous social benefits as well. Eat healthier and you might be surprised by some positive changes in your ability to manage relationships and social situations.

Decreased Mood Swings

Few people want to spend much time with someone who is short tempered or shows unpredictable changes in mood or behavior. Following a healthy diet that is low in processed carbs or refined sugars can dramatically improve mood swings. Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, noted nutrition expert, points out that the consumption of refined sugar and processed carbs causes spikes in blood sugar that can result in rapid changes in mood and temperament. A healthy diet will keep you even tempered during social situations.

High Energy Levels

When you feel great, you tend to give off an infectious energy to which others will respond. Energy-packed foods, like oats, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes, keep you going strong through meetings, parties and any gathering where you may want to stand out. Since alcohol is a depressant, drinking only in moderation (if at all) will prevent you from becoming lethargic or withdrawn.


Healthy eating prevents body fat storage and keeps skin, nails and hair healthy. Clothes fit better, and the absence of sugary foods keeps your smile white and attractive. People in general, not just the opposite sex, tend to react more favorably to someone they judge as "good looking."


When you are proud of your appearance, you give off a perceptible air of confidence that most people find attractive. Even if you are not the best looking person in the room, your healthy attitude about yourself will often cause people around you to overlook your physical imperfections.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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