What Is a Blood Purifier Tea?

A blood purifier tea is a type of tea that adherents claim cleanses, detoxifies and purifies your blood. The specific ingredients used in these teas have diuretic, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. However, the teas may not list the specific quantities of the herbal ingredients used, and you may have difficulty determining the exact dosage of the herbs you consume when drinking blood purifier teas. Ingredients commonly found in blood purifier teas include burdock, nettle, peppermint and wormwood. Currently available clinical research has not confirmed the safety or effectiveness of blood purifier teas. Speak to your doctor before adding these teas to your diet.


Traditional Chinese medicine has used burdock as an herbal remedy for centuries. According to “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,” burdock is a diuretic you can use to cleanse your blood and treat colds 3. Burdock is rich in iron, and taking burdock can help with an iron deficiency. You can also use burdock to cleanse the liver and restore hormonal balance to your body, according to the encyclopedia.


Nettle is a type of plant also commonly used in blood purifier teas. Nettle picked from the first year's growth provides more health benefits than nettle picked in subsequent years. Generally you would use the roots from the nettle plant as a health supplement, but you may also obtain health benefits from consuming the fruit and leaves of the nettle plant. Nettle contains high amounts of iron and vitamin K. Vitamin K has anti-clotting properties and also functions as a diuretic.

Peppermint and Wormwood

Typically, food, medication and cosmetics manufacturers use the aerial portion of the peppermint plant in health supplements including blood purifier teas. Peppermint can also help to treat coughs, nausea and minor pain. Wormwood, also known as absinthe, is a strong antioxidant.

Keeping Your System Healthy

Your kidney, liver, digestive system and bladder have to work as a unit to keep your body healthy. The author of "Herbal Therapy For Everyday Living" recommends you frequently replenish your fluids by drinking clean water and natural juices 2. Additionally, you should consume the vitamins and minerals required by these processes through foods and supplements. Exercising can also support the regular elimination of waste from your body. Speak to a medical professional prior to consuming a blood purifier tea. The effectiveness of this tea is not supported by science, and most doctors and nutritionists will not recommend consuming it as part of a nutritional regimen.