What Are the Side Effects of Mega Ditex With Chromium?

Mega Ditex plus Chromium, a dietary supplement manufactured by Calvin Scott & Company, is intended to help you lose weight. It contains fiber to promote fullness and several other nutrients that may facilitate weight loss. Despite the potential benefits, Mega Ditex plus Chromium may trigger side effects 2. Consult a doctor prior to using this or any other supplements.

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Mega Ditex plus Chromium contains niacin, a B vitamin that may aid in metabolizing food and turning it into usable energy. However, niacin may also cause diarrhea and vomiting, according to Drugs.com 1. Additionally, Mega Ditex plus Chromium contains iron, an essential mineral that may promote diarrhea and vomiting.

Stomach Irritation

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One of the main ingredients in this supplement, as the name implies, is chromium, a mineral that helps your body process sugar and bring it into cells. Unfortunately, chromium may also cause stomach irritation. Similarly, iron also has the potential to cause an upset stomach.

Loss of Appetite

Mega Ditex plus Chromium contains carbomethycellulose, which is intended to promote a feeling of fullness, but it may suppress your appetite too much, leading to inadequate calorie intake. This risk may be amplified because the supplement also contains vitamin A, which can promote healthy vision but may also cause loss of appetite.

Iron Overload

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Mega Ditex plus Chromium contains both iron and vitamin C, a combination that may encourage the risk of iron overload. Vitamin C enhances iron absorption, so consuming iron with vitamin C may result in too much iron in your cells, especially if your diet is already rich in iron. Iron overload is serious, as it may cause organ damage.