Bruised Stomach From Hula-Hooping

Several factors could be responsible if your stomach is bruised from hula-hooping. The toughness of your skin, certain medical conditions and the normal aging process all play in to how easy you bruise. If the bruise does not disappear on its own, or it gets worse, consult your doctor.


Bruises are caused by capillaries -- small blood vessels -- near your skin rupturing from trauma that is significant enough to break the capillaries, but not break the skin. Blood leaks from the capillaries, but with nowhere to exit the body, it gathers under the skin until its reabsorbed back into the body. For most people, hula-hooping is not going to result in a bruise on the stomach, but some people bruise easier than other. An easy bruiser can turn black and blue from minor bumps to the skin.


Bruising from hula-hooping is more common for an aging adult because capillaries are more fragile and the skin is thinner. However, children can also be susceptible to easy bruising. If your child has allergies, asthma or eczema, your doctor might prescribe corticosteroids, which thin the skin and will make bruising occur easier. Drugs that thin the blood, fish oil and gingko supplements can also cause you to bruise easier than normal.

Treatment and Prevention

It’s unlikely that a bruise from hula-hooping caused enough damage to result in swelling, but if swelling is present, ice the area. You can use an ice pack, bag of ice or bag of frozen vegetables. Do not place ice directly on the skin. Your bruise will go through several color changes and then disappear within two weeks. If you’re an easy bruiser, bruising is difficult to avoid. Next time you use a Hula Hoop, cover your skin with a long shirt so the hoop does not have direct contact to your stomach.


If in addition to easy bruising, you also get cuts that bleed easier or for long periods, consult with your doctor. Rare medical conditions can cause easy bruising because the blood does not clot normally. Hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease are examples of such medical conditions 4. Hemophilia results from little to none of the protein needed for platelets to clot. The Von Willebrand factor helps blood platelets clump and stick to blood vessel walls, so a deficiency would cause easy bruising.