How Much Sugar Is in Popcorn?

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It's second nature for many movie enthusiasts to grab a bag of popcorn to eat while watching a movie at home or in the theater. Whether you enjoy air-popped popcorn or prefer the convenience of microwave popcorn, the snack contains virtually no sugar. Caramel corn, however, is a different story and quickly increases your sugar intake for the day.

Caramel Corn Packs a Punch

A one-ounce serving of air-popped popcorn contains only a trace amount of sugar. An ounce of this type of popcorn has just 0.25 grams of sugar, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Low-fat microwave popcorn has only slightly more sugar. An ounce of this variety contains 0.26 grams of sugar. Caramel corn is significantly sweeter. In an ounce of caramel corn, expect to consume 15.08 grams of sugar.