List of Foods With High Dextrose

Dextrose, also known as glucose, is a simple sugar that is an important source of energy in the body. Dextrose occurs naturally in many types of foods, including fruits and honey. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Americans consume around 25 pounds of dextrose each year. Dextrose was more commonly used in the past and is often referred to glucose today.


Honey contains naturally occurring sugars such as dextrose. Dextrose in honey is absorbed quickly in your blood and is turned into an immediate energy source within the body once it is consumed. Honey is composed of about 30 percent dextrose, according to the Sugar Association.

Packaged Products

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Dextrose is found in high amounts in many common packaged products and baking foods that are high in sugar such as cake mixes and frosting, cookies, crackers and pretzels. Keep in mind that consuming too much of all sugars, including dextrose, has many negative health effects, including suppressing your immune system and impairing your body's defenses against infectious diseases; causing rapid spikes in your blood sugar levels; problems with your gastrointestinal system; and a possible rise in your cholesterol levels.


The majority of desserts are high in dextrose. Common desserts such as ice cream, apple pie, brownies, and cookies are all good sources of dextrose. Food companies normally list dextrose produced from cornstarch on the nutrition label as “corn sugar." When the dextrose is derived from a different source such as rice or wheat, the nutrition label will show “rice sugar” or “wheat sugar."

Pure Dextrose

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Pure dextrose can be purchased on its own as a food supplement and is 20 percent less sweet than cane sugar. It is fully derived from corn and is relatively cheap. Dextrose can replace table sugar and can be used to sweeten a wide variety of foods and drinks.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is a combination of several types of sugar derived from corn, including dextrose and fructose. Corn syrup is a liquid sweetener made as the result of treating cornstarch with acids and enzymes. It has little nutritional value aside from empty calories, and it is found in a wide variety of foods, including soda, fast food and packaged products. Commercial corn syrup may be between 20 and 98 percent dextrose.