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How to Stop Hockey Visor From Fogging Up

By Sandra Ketcham

All college and minor level hockey players are required to wear a visor as part of their facemask. This is for safety reasons, as masks with visors significantly reduce the risk of eye and facial injury, according to Washington State University. Hockey visors are typically made of impact-resistant clear plastic with a coating to prevent scratches. Unfortunately, hockey visors are prone to fogging, which can limit vision and impair performance.

  1. Purchase a commercial anti-fogging spray designed specifically for hockey visors. These are available in most places that sell hockey masks. Use before games.

  2. Wipe the inside of your hockey visor with baby shampoo just before a game to keep fogging under control. Use a lint-free or microfiber towel when applying any solution to your visor.

  3. Try wearing a mask that sits farther from your face. This will decrease fogging.

  4. Ask other hockey players for advice. Many hockey players swear by certain methods for decreasing fog, such as wiping visors with baby oil or oil-based cleaners. The idea behind these methods is that the oil in the products prevents water from condensing on the mask.

  5. Tip

    If all else fails, consider switching to a different helmet that includes better ventilation, or use a cage-style mask instead of a visor.


    Check your mask carefully before every game to ensure that there are no scratches, smears or signs of damage. Do not use a visor that blurs or otherwise impairs your vision. Doing so can be very dangerous.

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