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ChaLEAN Extreme Meal Plan

By Andrea Cespedes

Chalene Johnson made a name for herself with the Turbokick and PiYo fitness products. She is a public fitness personality and best-selling author of Push, a self-help book emphasizing goal fulfillment. One of her direct-marketing fitness systems marketed through Beach Body, ChaLEAN Extreme, promises remarkable fat loss if you follow the exercise and nutrition plan.

Included in the system are exercise DVDs emphasizing resistance training and high-intensity cardio, as well as a structured eating plan. A Fat-Burning Food Guide is included in the kit and explains what you should eat in each phase of the 90-day program to maximize your results.


The workout DVDs are divided into three phases of emphasis to help you optimize results over the 90 days. You begin with "Burn," which teaches you proper form and gets you accustomed to lifting weights. In "Push," heavier weights are included in the exercises. The "Lean" portion of the 90 days includes dynamic moves and new strength-training exercises to provide variety. Within the "Lean" phase is "Extreme Cardio," a final boost to your plan that "accelerates" fat loss with "cardio-scorching" workouts. The meal plan matches these phases to enhance your results.

Food Guide Structure

The food guide contains meal plans and recipes that are easy to follow. It doesn't emphasize taking lots of supplements or purchasing pre-packaged meals, but does market a few additional products. Shakeology, a brand of meal replacement protein powder, is encouraged for workout fuel and post-workout recovery. The program also directs you to take a mulitvitamin from ActiVit that allegedly boosts your metabolism.

Food Guide Phases

To match the first phase, "Burn," the meal plan encourages you to restrict fat and carbohydrate intake. Meals focus on lean proteins -- such as skinless chicken, flank steak and white fish -- and fresh produce. The meals are low in calorie during this phase to create a calorie deficit which encourages weight loss. The "Burn" phases lasts about 30 days.

When you move on to the "Push" phase, the meals increase slightly in calories -- primarily from protein sources. The additional protein supports the heavier weight training you do during this phase.

The "Lean" phase is accompanied by a maintenance guide to help prevent you from regaining weight. You'll mix and match meals and recipes from the first two phases, but you don't have to worry about overeating. The program claims that your appetite will have decreased because you've become accustomed to eating smaller portions in the first two phases.


The first phase of the meal program is highly restrictive. You may find it hard to eat out and enjoy meals socially. The guide does provide you with nutritional information as to how to devise your own meals, so even if you tire of the recipes and plans provided, you can develop your own. ChaLEAN Extreme offers common sense nutrition advice, such as emphasizing moderate portions and whole, nutrient-dense foods, which can help you establish quality eating habits for life.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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