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How Many Calories Do I Burn If I Paddle?

A few hours spent paddling down a river or around a lake can do wonders for your health. Not only does this form of exercise give you exposure to the sun to elevate your vitamin D levels, but it also builds muscle. Paddling sports also burn calories to help you lose fat. A paddling workout can play a key role in your fitness routine if you have a few pounds to lose or want to keep a fit body. Always consult a doctor, though, before starting this or any new workout regimen.

Paddling Off the Pounds

Whether you choose to enjoy the solitude of a canoeing trip or meet up with other outdoor enthusiasts to paddle together, canoeing is a challenging upper-body workout that burns calories quickly. HealthStatus reports that a 175-pound person burns around 357 calories in 60 minutes of canoeing at 2 mph 3. The same person burns around 735 calories canoeing at 4 mph for 60 minutes.

Kayaking for Fitness

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Canoeing isn't the only paddling sport that gets you out on the water. HealthStatus notes that kayaking burns calories slightly faster than canoeing at 2 mph, but not as fast as canoeing at 4 mph 3. A 175-pound person burns around 399 calories during a 60-minute kayaking outing.