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08 July, 2011

The Benefits of Melaleuca Tea

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Melaleuca is a type of tree that is indigenous to Australia and New Zealand, but can grow well in most tropical environments, including the Florida Everglades. Melaleuca has been used as an herbal remedy for a host of health conditions. The melaleuca tree is most notable for the oil it produces, which has been reported to have anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. The oil is extracted from the trunk and infused in various types of tea under the name, melaleuca tea.

Anti-bacterial Effects

The oil from the melaleuca tree in tea may help protect you against potentially harmful bacteria, especially the bacteria that cause staph infections. Compounds found within the oil limit the ability of bacteria in your body to multiply and exert their effects on various body tissues. When melaleuca oil is mixed with honey in a tea, these effects may be multiplied, due to the potential of honey to have anti-bacterial properties as well.

Anti-fungal Effects

Melaleuca tea tree oil may act as a strong fungicide, and can protect your body from the proliferation of various strains of fungus that may be harmful to your health. Nail fungus is a type of infection that causes white or yellow spots underneath your finger or toe nails and can lead to pain in your fingers and toes. Melaleuca oil may help your body produce antibodies that help fight back against this type of fungus, and may be just as effective as some anti-fungal medications.

Anti-viral Effects

Melaleuca oil in tea is perhaps best known for its anti-viral properties, and has been used by the indigenous people of Australia for centuries to treat various viral infections and illnesses. According to the book "The New Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements, and Herbs", melaleuca oil may treat the symptoms associated with the herpes simplex virus. Melaleuca oil may also benefit individuals who do not respond well to traditional Western anti-viral medicines, and can be an effective alternative for medication you may be allergic to.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The oil produced by the melaleuca tree may be especially effective against inflammation within your body. Inflammation can occur as a result of illness or injury, and can cause pain, swelling, irritation of your skin and loss of joint mobility. Compounds within melaleuca tree oil may reduce the buildup of fluids around various soft tissues throughout your body, particularly around your joints. Melaleuca oil has sometimes been used as an effective treatment for various arthritic conditions that affect joint mobility.