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Suggested Fruit for Adrenal Fatigue

By Judy Wilson ; Updated August 14, 2017

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, a relatively common condition that is caused and worsened by any type of stress, nutrition is critical to your recovery. Adrenal fatigue involves the adrenal glands, which are part of the endocrine system and located on top of your kidneys. Symptoms can seriously impact your quality of life and include lethargy, severe and ongoing fatigue, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, anxiety and mood challenges. Fruit can be a component in a healthy diet, and people with adrenal fatigue should follow specific guidelines regarding suggested fruit to include in their diet.

Diet and Logistics

In his book “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome,” Dr. James L. Wilson thoroughly discusses diet for adrenal fatigue, because people suffering from this condition should follow a specific eating plan on their road to recovery. He recommends that people with adrenal fatigue limit fruit in their diets, and if they do eat fruit, that they only eat small quantities of it. He also suggests avoiding fruit with breakfast or earlier in the day.


Any fruit that you do eat, if you have adrenal fatigue, should be organically grown, because people with adrenal fatigue can be sensitive to the chemicals in conventionally grown fruit. Many local farms and farmers’ markets sell only organic produce. If you do eat conventional fruit, wash it thoroughly using a fruit and vegetable wash or mild dish soap and water, and do not eat the skins or peels.

Suggested Fruit

If you have adrenal fatigue, your body will tolerate certain fruits better than others. The suggested fruits that might agree better with you and that are lower on the glycemic index include cherries, apples, plums, pears, kiwi, papaya, grapes and mango. Go lightly on any fruit, however, especially when you are in the earlier stages of recovery from adrenal fatigue. You might find that you feel better and your symptoms decrease when you do not consume any fruit, even the suggested fruit that is lower on the glycemic index.

Fruits to Avoid

When struggling with adrenal fatigue, avoid certain fruits or drastically limit them in your diet. You should instead eat only the suggested lower-glycemic fruits. The fruits to avoid include bananas, raisins, dates, grapefruit, oranges and figs. Listen to your body and the symptoms you have, and as you are further along the recovery road, you might find that you can tolerate small amounts of these fruits.


If your adrenal fatigue symptoms, such as fatigue and brain fog, worsen when you eat fruit, consider decreasing the amount of fruit you are eating, completely removing fruit from your diet or waiting until later in the day to eat it. How long you adhere to the adrenal fatigue diet and the length of time you should only eat the suggested fruit will vary, but typically it takes at least several months to recover from adrenal fatigue.

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