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1 Good Exercise to Lose Upper Body Fat

By William McCoy

If you're eager to identify an exercise that can help you lose your upper-body fat, you're facing positive and negative news. The positive news is that a host of exercises, including running, can effectively lead to fat loss. On the negative side, no single exercise can exclusively burn your upper-body fat. Dedication to running, however, can lead to the loss of fat from a host of areas from head to toe, including your upper body.

Run off the Pounds

To lose fat anywhere in your body, you must reach a caloric deficit by having consumed fewer calories than you've burned. Along with a reduction in your caloric intake, running can help you not only reach this deficit, but sustain it. Running is an effective exercise because it burns calories faster than virtually any other form of activity, according to Harvard Medical School. Additionally, it's simple to learn, suitable for a variety of environments and doesn't require any equipment. To experience fat loss, you'll need to devote as many as 150 minutes per week to running.

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