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Dry Itchy Eyes Home Remedy

By Susan Kaye ; Updated August 14, 2017

Dry, itchy eyes can be caused by allergies to something in the environment, makeup or even lack of sleep. Itching in the eye or around the margins can be treated with a variety of home preparations as well as a few medicinal, over-the-counter solutions.

  1. Buy an over-the-counter eye drop saline solution at the pharmacy that helps with dryness and itching in the eyes. Use as directed.

  2. Use homeopathic remedies to address allergies, itching and dryness in the eyes. Homeopathy allows the body to heal itself by initiating a natural response to an irritant. According to William Boericke in his book “Materia Medica and Repertory,” the following homeopathic remedies can be used for dry, itching and allergic reactions in the eyes. Remedies are available in health food stores. Contact a homeopath or purchase a homeopathic first aid book for directions on dosage.

  3. Pulsatilla can be used for people who experience burning and itching as well as inflamed lids and styes.

  4. Allium Cepa can be used for severe burning around the margins of the eyes and lids with redness and tearing.

  5. Crocus Sativus is used for eye irritations and itching associated with exposure to smoke and dry eyes caused by environmental elements.

  6. Alumina is especially helpful for elderly people whose eye symptoms are worse in warm weather and disappear in damp, cool weather.

  7. Avoid all eye makeup during an attack, sleep on clean mattresses and change pillow cases often, suggests HomeRemedies.com. Contamination of eye makeup brushes is common during eye infections. Get rid of all eye makeup used immediately before and during an infection and replace it.

  8. Use pillows with artificial filling rather than those with down or feathers, says MotherNature.com. Some people are allergic to down and feather pillows and develop itching and conjunctivitis in the eyes when exposed.

  9. Wear sunglasses when going outside to protect eyes from exposure to light and dust.

  10. Make compresses from cotton balls soaked in green or black tea and place on the eyes for soothing relief of burning and itching, suggests HomeRemedies.com. Repeat the procedure three to four times a day.

  11. Buy a commercial eye drop preparation for replacing tears if that is the cause of your eye problems. Speak to the doctor about the problem and have him suggest a brand and dosage.

  12. Change your furnace filter often, using high grade filters made especially for people with allergy problems. Use the air conditioner in the house and car during the spring and summer, especially during pollen season, and keep windows closed to avoid allowing pollen into the house.

  13. Use Eyebright, an herbal preparation for dry, itching eyes, suggests MamaHerb.com. Make an eyewash with warm water and a couple of drops of Eyebright extract or tincture. Use in an eye cup, available at pharmacies, and rinse the eyes several times a day.

  14. Tip

    If using a particular preparation for dry, itchy eyes, remember to repeat it several times before abandoning it and moving on to the next one. Natural remedies take time to work.


    The suggestions offered here are for educational purposes and not meant to replace medical advice.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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