How to Toast Walnuts in an Oven

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Walnuts, a healthy snack food, provide omega-3 fatty acids and ellagic acids. Omega-3 acids can improve your heart health and reduce inflammation. Ellagic acid is beneficial to your immune system. Toasted walnuts provide a crunchier texture and introduce a more vivid nut flavor to the palate. Toast walnuts in your home oven before adding these nutritious tidbits to salads, yogurt or ice cream.

Spread shelled walnuts in a single layer on an ungreased, rimmed cookie sheet. Keep the nuts whole or halved through the toasting process to prevent the burning of small pieces.

Place the baking sheet in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven. Toast the walnuts for five to 10 minutes. Larger walnut pieces may take a bit longer.

Assess the color of the walnuts before taking the tray out of the oven. Nuts tend to become golden in color during toasting, but they may turn brown if they are toasted for too long. You will also notice a nutty smell permeating the kitchen.

Remove the toasted walnuts from the cookie sheet and place them on a plate to cool. Chop the walnuts into smaller pieces, if desired, after they have cooled completely.