Jogging Strollers With a 100-Pound Capacity Load

Jogging with your child can be difficult without a good stroller, but with the right jogging stroller, the benefits of jogging increase. The added weight of your child or children gives you added resistance to your run, increasing your heart rate and aiding in your fitness goals. As your child gets bigger, you may need to upgrade to a stroller with a larger weight capacity. A few options include Navigator, Baby Jogger, B.O.B 1. and Graco.

Navigator makes a double stroller with a capacity of 50 pounds per child. It has a 5-point safety harness and two front-locking wheels for optimum child safety. It has a large storage basket, reclining seats and canopies so the children are out of the sun. It also features an mp3 speaker system that is compatible with most Apple products and two cup-holders for the jogger. It also folds into a compact space. Navigator's products are durable and well-reviewed by customers.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger makes an entire line of jogging strollers, a few with 100-pound capacity 1. Their strollers feature large wheels to run over many different kinds of terrain, in case you are planning on running on dirt or gravel. They also offer pod-style models so children can sit inside a tent-like area. The jogging stroller folds in one easy step and holds one or two children. Baby Jogger's strollers have a 5-point harness system to ensure the safety of your children, as well as canopies to protect from the sun 1.


B.O.B. also makes a double stroller for twins or two children similar in age. It has extra padding, reclining seats and canopies to keep children comfortable, as well as a padded 5-point harness to keep them safe. It folds into a compact shape in two steps and has a large storage basket and windows in the canopy so you can watch your children. The stroller also has a car-seat adapter and snack tray that you can buy. B.O.B. has also designed a suspension system to keep their strollers running smoothly over rough terrain.


Graco also offers a line of jogging strollers for one or two children. Their strollers are also equipped with 5-point harnesses and canopies for child safety. Depending on the model, they come with such features as snack trays, large baskets and adjustable handles. Graco strollers' wheels are designed for optimum speed and quick turning.