Do Turnips Have Carbs?

Turnips are versatile vegetables that are most abundant in the fall but available year-round. Both the turnip bulb and the greens have vitamin C, while the greens also provide calcium, vitamin A and folate. These nutritious root vegetables contain carbohydrates but can still be suitable for a low-carb weight-loss diet.

Total Carb Content

A cup of cooked, mashed turnip contains 11.6 grams of total carbs, while a cup of cooked turnip greens contains 6.3 grams of carbs. The daily value for carbs for a 2,000-calorie diet is 300 grams. Cooked turnip greens with Parmesan cheese can be a low-carb side dish, and turnip gratin made with milk, spinach and feta cheese can be a low-carb side dish or a vegetarian main course.

Dietary Fiber

Each cup of cooked mashed turnips provides 4.6 grams of dietary fiber, and a cup of cooked turnip greens supplies 5 grams. The daily value for a 2,000-calorie diet is 25 grams. Dietary fiber is a complex carbohydrate in plant foods that passes through your small intestine without extensive digestion and absorption. A high-fiber diet may help support bowel regularity, improve blood sugar control if you have diabetes and lower your risk for heart disease.

Natural Sugars

Each cup of cooked, mashed turnips contains 7 grams of sugar. Cooked turnip greens have less than 1 gram of sugar per cup. Sugars are simple carbs your body can digest and absorb quickly. Natural sugars are often in nutritious foods such as turnips and other vegetables, dairy products such as milk and yogurt, and fruit. Added sugars, such as white and brown sugar, honey, molasses and corn syrup, add calories without being high in additional essential nutrients.

Substitute for Starches

Using turnips as lower-carb, lower-calorie alternatives to starchy ingredients in certain recipes can help you lose weight. A cup of cooked potatoes contains 31.4 grams of carbohydrates -- make a lower-carb substitute using turnip puree with nutmeg, skim milk and black pepper. A cup of cooked sweet potatoes contains 58 grams of total carbs. Instead of roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes, roast wedges or slices of turnips for a lower-carb side dish.