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Products That Help Get Rid of Belly Fat

By Brian Willett ; Updated July 18, 2017

When trying to lose weight and belly fat, your diet and exercise routine should be your primary concerns. However, you can give yourself an extra edge by using certain supplements. A number of products can help you get rid of belly fat; some work in different ways than others. Not all products are equally effective, and you should consult a doctor before using any of them.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are supplements that are intended to increase your metabolic rate and promote the burning of fat as energy for your body. Fat burners are the most common type of belly fat reduction product available, and tend to have high levels of stimulants, such as caffeine. Green tea is also a common ingredient; research from the January 2011 issue of the "Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry" found that green tea can promote reductions in body weight and fat.

Fat Blockers

Fat blockers, as the name indicates, can help reduce your level of belly fat by inhibiting your body's ability to absorb fat from food. These products may be preferable if you do not like stimulants, as fat blockers do not require caffeine to increase your metabolism. The key ingredient in fat blockers tends to be orlistat, which prevents fat absorption in the intestines. While orlistat does block some fat, eating high-fat foods should be avoided, as the fat is excreted in your stool, and large concentrations of fat can lead to diarrhea.

Growth Hormone Stimulators

Growth hormone aids in your body's development. Although supplementation of growth hormone is illegal without a prescription, there are ingredients that can promote increases of the hormone in your body. For example, research from the January 2008 issue of "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise" found that supplementation of gamma aminobutyric acid more than tripled growth hormone response to exercise. This is important for belly fat reduction, as in addition to building muscle, growth hormone can help reduce body fat.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone, like growth hormone, is often associated with muscle building, but research from the January 2009 issue of the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism" indicates that it can also reduce body fat. While testosterone is available only by prescription for medical purposes, some herbs, such as Eurycoma longfolia, may promote increased testosterone levels.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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