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Benefits of Egg White for the Muscles

By Heather Hitchcock

Muscles need the amino acids found in protein sources to help repair damaged muscle tissue and to build new muscle tissue. Including egg whites into your diet as a protein source is an inexpensive and convenient way to help you increase, or maintain, muscle tissue without adding additional fat into your diet.

Fat Free

One large egg white consists of only 17 calories, 3.6 g of protein, 0.1 g of fat and 0.2 g of carbohydrates. There is no saturated fat in egg whites and they are cholesterol free, making them an excellent source of protein for individuals with high cholesterol. Additionally, because they are low in calories, contain very little fat and are high in protein, they are an excellent way to help maintain muscle tissue during times of weight loss.

Amino Acids

Egg whites are a complete protein with more branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, than other proteins, states Dr. David Ryan of Bodybuilding.com. When a person's diet contains adequate amounts of BCAAs, the amino acids are broken down in the muscle instead of the liver, to build new muscle tissue or to be used for energy. Additionally, the BCAAs found in egg whites help the body produce nonessential amino acids L-arginine and L-glutamine, which help to facilitate muscle growth.

Inexpensive and Convenient

Egg whites are an inexpensive source of protein and easily obtained. Egg whites come in many forms such as in buying the whole egg and then separating out the yolk, the liquid form such as from Egg Beaters and in the powder form. Because they are available in a variety of ways, they can be prepared many ways to prevent boredom. For example, they can be hard boiled, made into an omelet, whipped in a meringue or made into a protein shake.

Absorbancy and Timing

Egg whites have a 100 percent absorbency rate. This essentially means they digest quickly in the stomach, which is necessary for muscle building as well as for individuals with stomach problems such as stomach ulcers. The egg whites will not irritate the stomach like other protein sources. Although egg whites digest quickly in the stomach, they also contain some casein protein which is a slower digesting protein, making egg whites a good protein option to consume any time of the day.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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