The Best Supplements to Help You Focus

Healthy cognitive function includes being able to focus and concentrate on specific tasks of daily living. The ability to focus helps you maintain a healthy memory, mood, and ability to think. If you are unable to focus, taking specific supplements may help improve your condition. Talk to your doctor before taking supplements and never replace other forms of treatment with supplements.

Ginkgo Bilboa

Gingkgo bilboa is a herbal supplement that may aid in improving your focus and concentration. This herb has been used to treat dementia, a subtype of Alzheimer's disease characterized by memory loss, poor cognitive function, and confusion. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, or UMMC,, gingkgo bilboa may help people with Alzheimer's disease to improve their cognitive function, including their learning, thinking and memory 1235. Dosages vary according to its intended use. Talk to your doctor if you think you might benefit from this herbal supplement.


Iron is an important mineral that aids in the formation of red blood cells. Red blood cells deliver blood, nutrients, and oxygen to your organs and tissues, including your brain. If you become deficient in iron, you may develop anemia, a condition marked by low energy, lack of concentration, pale skin, and memory impairments. Therefore, taking iron may help to improve your ability to focus on important tasks. You can find this vitamin in a supplement or in foods such as meat, chicken, dark leafy greens, and beans.

Vitamin B-12

A condition called pernicious anemia can occur when your stomach does not have intrinsic factor, a substance needed for proper absorption of vitamin B-12. This can lead to a vitamin B-12 deficiency and can include symptoms such as pale skin, weakness, loss of balance, memory loss, confusion, and altered mood. A supplement may be necessary to help to boost vitamin B-12 levels and you can consult a doctor about this. Vitamin B-12 has also been shown to be low in people with Parkinson's Disease who are cognitively impaired, as compared to those who are not cognitively impaired, according to UMMC. You can naturally obtain this vitamin in foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, fish, and fortified grains.


Folate, or vitamin B-9, can be an important vitamin to help to improve your focus. A low intake of this vitamin can lead to memory loss, confusion, irritability, and anemia. Anemia can result in poor concentration and poor energy. In order to keep your folate levels healthy, you can consume foods such as beans, whole grains, dark leafy greens, nuts, and fruits. You can also find this vitamin in supplement form.