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Does an Apple Give You Energy?

By Julia Bodeeb

An apple is a healthy food that helps provide your body with energy. An apple will fill you up without adding many calories to your diet. An apple will also help your body create energy via its vitamins and minerals. An apple contains antioxidants called flavonols, which help limit damage to cells in the body. Strong cell health is helpful to maintain a strong energy level.


A medium apple has around 80 calories and 5 g of fiber, notes the University of Illinois Extension. This strong amount of fiber helps keep the digestive system functioning well, which helps you avoid sluggishness. The fiber also helps your body have an ongoing source of energy, which will last longer than the energy from low-fiber foods.


The moisture in apples helps keep you hydrated. When your body contains an adequate amount of liquids, you avoid dehydration, which saps energy. Eating apples and other fruits helps your body maintain a healthy fluid level to ensure adequate energy.

B Vitamins for Energy

An apple contains .12 mg of vitamin B-1, which is thiamine, and .03 mg of vitamin B-2, which is riboflavin, notes The B vitamins help your body turn food into energy. They also work to create red blood cells to keep the body strong and energetic.


An apple provides 1.1 mg of iron. Adults need 8 mg of iron a day, to help avoid anemia. This disorder creates a loss of energy, notes Harvard University Health Services. Thus, one apple a day provides one-eighth of the daily requirement for iron. This fruit is a helpful part of a healthy diet to keep you energetic.


Each apple has 111 mg of potassium, notes This fruit helps keep your potassium level strong to facilitate good health. Potassium is required for the electrical system of the heart to function and to help create muscle, notes MedlinePlus. The heart and muscles are crucial systems of the body to maintain your energy level.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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