Credible Sources for Good Nutrition Information

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There is so much nutrition information available that it may be difficult to discern what is true and what may not be based on fact. If you are trying to improve the quality of your diet, it is important to know what information to incorporate into your lifestyle, as well as what you should ignore. Credible websites and resources can help you learn more about healthy eating. includes a wealth of information about the food guide pyramid and what foods to include in your daily diet. The United States Department of Agriculture is responsible for this interactive website, which helps you determine how much food to eat each day, as well as how much of each food group to include in your diet. You can navigate the site to learn more about specific foods, learn to lose weight in a healthy way, plan a healthy menu and get nutrition tips that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle. You can also get an analysis of your diet and print materials to help you on your quest toward healthier eating.

Food and Nutrition Information Center

There are many topics within the subject of nutrition, and the Food and Nutrition Information Center offers information on more than 70 of them. The Food and Nutrition Information Center is a comprehensive website operated by the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library and provides a great deal of information for nutrition educators, professionals and medical personnel, but is also easy to navigate for anyone wishing to learn more about healthy eating. It includes information about healthy diets, life cycle nutrition, disease, food safety and dietary supplements. The website also includes printable and downloadable resources and information. is a website updated by the American Dietetic Association, and it includes a wide variety of information about nutrition topics. The link for the general public includes information about choosing nutritious foods, achieving a healthy weight, food allergies and maintaining food safety. Other links are for educators and professionals and cover topics such as nutrition therapy. Podcasts and blogs about nutrition from credible experts in the nutrition field are also available.

The Mayo Clinic is a well-known and highly credible medical institution that also runs a website with a huge amount of healthy living tips, advice, medical facts and other information. can be used to learn more about health diagnoses or to read more about specific symptoms. A large part of the website is dedicated to making healthy eating choices and educating consumers about nutrition. Tips for choosing nutritious breakfast foods, including fruits and vegetables and eating for heart health are just some of the tips you'll find there. The website also includes a variety of healthy recipes for good nutrition.