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Side Effects of Azo-Cranberry

Azo-Cranberry is a marketed brand of cranberry in the United States in tablet form 124. Studies indicate cranberry, a fruit of a North American evergreen shrub, helps to stop the growth of harmful bacteria within the walls of your bladder 14. Studies also indicate that cranberry helps to deter urinary tract infections because of this preventive factor, reports 24. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you may use cranberries to reduce the strong smell of urine. Side effects may occur as a result of taking a cranberry supplement such as Azo-Cranberry 24.

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Kidney Problems

If you have a history of kidney stones, you should avoid taking Azo-Cranberry as a supplement 24. Cranberries cause an increase of acid levels to occur, making the risk of having a kidney stone much higher, The Merck Manuals indicate 1. Before starting any supplement, including Azo-Cranberry, talk to your doctor to decide if it will help or cause more problems for you 24.


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Stomach upset often happens as a non-serious side effect of a cranberry supplement, indicates 24. Try taking your cranberry supplement with food to alter this effect 4. Food in your stomach may counteract supplements' irritating effects or protect the stomach lining from cranberry’s caustic and acidic effect 14. You may want to call your doctor if you experience this side effect regularly.

Loose Stools

You may experience diarrhea from the irritating influences Azo-Cranberry has on your intestinal lining 124. Your digestive system has sensitivities to certain substances that may act as corrosives to its delicate mucosa lining. You should only experience this common side effect of Azo-Cranberry for a couple of days 24. You should then feel better. If you continue to experience diarrhea, query your doctor for advice, recommends 4.

Medication Interactions

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Medication interactions such as those with antacids may occur when taking Azo-Cranberry, indicates 24. Cranberries are strongly acidic and will interfere with the therapeutic effects of medications that do not hold an acid base. Antacids can be used to calm heartburn and indigestion because of their action of decreasing of acid in your stomach. By adding more acid through a cranberry supplement, this therapeutic effect may become altered 4.