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Basic Fat-Burning Soup

By Jackie Lohrey ; Updated July 18, 2017

Fat burning soup, also known as cabbage soup, is one of many the American Heart Association considers a fad diet. Claims of quick weight loss, an over-emphasis on a single type of food and the risk of developing nutrient deficiencies form the base of AHA concerns. Despite this, you can find recipes for a basic fat burning soup and supporters of this diet on a number of Internet sites and blogs. While the choice remains yours, taking the time to analyze and assess the merits and drawbacks of fat burning soup can help you make a decision that works for you.


While ingredient amounts may differ depending on the recipe you follow, a basic fat burning soup is a vegetable soup that includes green onions, diced tomatoes, cabbage, green peppers and celery. The main, and usually only seasoning, is one package of dry onion soup mix. While you eat as much of this soup as you want, any time you want, if you use this soup as the main component of a seven day diet plan, each of the seven days also includes additional food combinations.

Meal Plan

Day 1: Soup, fruit, with the exception of bananas and unsweetened tea, cranberry juice or water; Day 2: Soup, unlimited fresh, raw, cooked or canned vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables and a large baked potato with butter; Day 3: Soup, unlimited fruits and vegetables; Day 4: Soup, up to three bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, skim milk and as much water as you can drink; Day 5: Soup, 10 to 20 ounces of beef, up to six fresh tomatoes or one can of tomatoes and six to eight glasses of water; Day 6: Soup, unlimited beef and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables; Day 7: Soup, unlimited vegetables, brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice


Proponents of this diet claim that due to the fat burning qualities of this soup, you can lose 10 to 17 pounds in the seven days you follow the diet. Opponents of this diet claim weight loss is due to severe calorie restriction rather than any special qualities this soup may possess. This diet provides only about 500 calories per day, making it in essence, a starvation diet.


Basic fat burning soup can be of benefit if you are not looking for a long-term weight loss diet but do need to lose some weight in a hurry. In addition, the ingredients that comprise this soup are easy to find and not expensive.


In addition to severe calorie restriction, fat burning soup is nutritionally deficient. Fatigue, food cravings and a change in your mood are common effects. Also, an over reliance on vegetables and a drastic change in your diet can cause stomach problems and changes in bowel movements. Finally, while its effects may be temporary if you stop eating fat burning soup after seven days, you will most likely gain back all the weight you lose.

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