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What Foods Will Give Energy Before You Go Jogging?

By Shelley Frost ; Updated April 18, 2017

A 200-lb. person burns about 728 calories during an hour of jogging, according to The food you eat before your jog affects how well your body is fueled and can handle burning so many calories. Healthy food energy sources prepare your body for the run, reducing exhaustion and allowing you to endure longer runs.


Ideal snacks before jogging include protein, carbs and a bit of healthy fat. This combination gives your body longer-lasting energy to endure a jog. Choose foods that your body easily digests to avoid stomach problems while on your jog. Also keep a food journal to help you figure out foods that your body tolerates well. "Fitness" magazine recommends between 100 and 300 calories before a run. Wait to start jogging for at least 30 minutes to allow for digestion and avoid an upset stomach.

Bagels and Nut Butter

The combination of a bagel and nut butter supplies your body with both carbohydrates and protein as well as the healthy fat of the nut butter. This pre-run food option is quick to prepare, allowing you to eat quickly so your body has time to digest it before your run, and also easy to digest.


A banana is another good source of carbohydrates to fuel a jog. The potassium in a banana gives you the added bonus of better blood pressure control, according to "Fitness" magazine. Adding nut butter with your banana also gives you a source of protein and fat. Try slicing a banana and placing it on top of your nut butter and bagel combination. A berry and banana fruit salad is another option. Berries deliver lots of fiber, potassium and vitamin C to support your body as it repairs itself after your run.

Energy Bars

Energy bars offer another quick solution for a pre-jog snack. The contents of energy bars vary significantly from one brand to the next. Read the nutrition label to evaluate the amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat and calories in a bar.

During the Jog

If you plan to more than a few miles, you may need to refuel during your jog. Energy bars typically travel well and can be used as a mid-run snack. Special gels and jelly beans made for athletes are small and convenient to carry while packing in lots of calories to keep your energy level high. Or try raisins, bananas and sports drinks. Hydration is an essential component of jogging. Take water with you if you won't have access to water fountains or other clean water during your jog.

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