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Chaste Tree Side Effects

By Carole Anne Tomlinson

Chaste tree is an herbal supplement that may help you if you have problems related to your menstrual cycle. Problems such as amenorrhea, the loss of menstrual flow, may benefit from this herbs supplement. Its direct influence on the pituitary gland, which in turn influences menstrual flow, helps to hormonally balance the pituitary’s effects, thus strengthening the body’s ability to produce a normal menstrual cycle flow, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests. You may get some side effects if you take this herbal supplement.


Cramping may occur when you begin this herbal supplement, indicates. Your abdomen may tighten uncomfortably off and on because of these spasms of your muscles. You may want to bend over to alleviate the cramping. Call your physician if usual home remedies do not ease the cramping. This side effect should subside as your body grows accustomed to the chaste tree supplements.


Headaches can happen when you begin taking chaste tree, states. You may experience a pounding headache that rest may help to alleviate. OTC headache pain medications may help as well. Headaches, too, generally occur only as your body acclimates to chaste tree, then will dissipate. Call your practitioner if headaches become bothersome and do not go away.


A pimple-like rash first noted on the face may happen as a side effect of chaste tree, reports. Your face may break out after taking this herbal supplement. You may use over-the-counter acne medications to help lessen this effect, but indicates acne as a side effect of chaste tree supplements should go away without medical intervention.

Stomach Pain

You may experience discomfort in your stomach when beginning this new herbal supplement, reports. The stomach pain may begin suddenly and without warning. Taking this herbal supplement with food may help ease the side effect.

Menstrual Flow Changes

The influence of the chaste tree on the pituitary gland may encourage an increase in menstrual flow, indicates. The beginning of the menstrual may occur heavier than usual. If your menstrual flow continues heavier than normal after a few days, call your doctor for guidance.


Chaste tree supplements may cause you to lose some of your hair when the influence of hormonal changes begins, suggests. The influence of the herbal supplement causes hormonal changes in your body. As a result your hair may thin or fall out. Herbalists do not expect this side effect to continue, but if you see substantial hair loss, stop taking chaste tree and see your physician.

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