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Fresh Asparagus Nutritional Information

By Beth Celli

Asparagus is one of the most well balanced vegetables in terms of nutrition, according to the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board. Asparagus has more nutrients than almost all other vegetables. This healthy vegetable can be enjoyed as part of a well balanced diet.

Serving Size

A typical serving of asparagus is about 1/2 cup boiled without salt. This serving has a scant 20 calories, no fat or cholesterol, and almost no sodium. With less than 4 calories in each spear, a person can consume more than one serving at a time without any guilt.


The American Heart Association (AHA) recognizes folate as essential for heart health. Asparagus is a great source of this vitamin, having 34 percent of the recommended daily amount in just 1/2 cup serving.


According to World’s Healthiest Foods, asparagus contains inulin, which is a special type of carbohydrate that promotes digestive health, by helping healthy bacteria to flourish in the intestines.


Health experts at the AHA recommend getting fiber in a diet. Fiber has been shown to help lower blood cholesterol levels. One serving of asparagus contains 7 percent of the recommended daily amount of fiber.

Other Important Nutrients

Asparagus also contains many other nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This vegetable is a good source of Vitamins K, A, C and E and also contains selenium, copper, zinc and iron.

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