The Weight Capacity of a ProForm 630 DS Treadmill

Although the department store Sears discontinued the ProForm 630 DS treadmill, there may still be some on the used market 2. The 630 DS is a residential model treadmill with a low-end weight capacity when compared to ProForm's newer models 2. Before purchasing a 630 DS, make sure you look at the weight capacity and time's impact on the machine.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The ProForm 630 DS treadmill has a weight limit of 250 pounds 2. New ProForm models range between 325- and 400-pound weight capacities. While you may fall under the 250 limit, Treadmill Reviews recommends buyers purchase treadmills that handle at least 50 pounds more than their current body weight 1. Purchasing over the weight limit increases the life of both the treadmill motor and the frame.

Treadmills Age, Too

Over time, treadmills age and require regular maintenance to maintain performance. The 630 DS motor may still be working, but it may not be pulling the weight capacity any longer. The motor was in tip-top shape when purchased in 2000, but with years of use, it may not pull the belt with the same power. If the belt is dragging, even if you are below the 250-pound limit, there is potential for tripping and injury.