The Best Herbs for Prostate Health

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Among the best herbs for prostate health are widely used remedies like saw palmetto, pygeum and stinging nettle. These herbs may be used together in various formulas or as separate supplements that are available over the counter in health food stores.

Saw Palmetto

The prostate gland, a male organ beneath the bladder surrounding the urethra, can become enlarged, putting pressure on the bladder. This condition, known as enlarged prostate, causes difficulty urinating and discomfort in many men. According to the Mayo Clinic, most men's prostate begins growing in their late 40s, which may lead to blocked urine flow, pain with urination and other complications. Medication, surgery and other therapies are often used to treat prostate enlargement. Saw Palmetto is an alternative remedy, which may take the place of other medications like alpha blockers. Saw palmetto may be among the best herbs for prostate health, as the herb contains compounds that help reduce the size of the prostate. Numerous small studies indicate the herb may be effective for treating enlarged prostate symptoms, according to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.


The pygeum herb is derived from the bark of the African plumb tree, native to central and southern Africa. According to the National Library of Medicine, the herb was used by traditional African healers for the treatment of bladder urination disorders as well as enlarged prostate. The herb may be among the best herbs for prostate health, as it is still used today as an alternative remedy for promoting prostate health.

Stinging Nettle

The root of the stinging nettle plant found in the United States and Europe has been used in folk medicine for the treatment of anemia, chronic skin ailments and arthritis. Today the herb is a popular treatment for the bothersome symptoms associated with enlarged prostate. While the herb is not proven to decrease prostate size, it may slow the growth of prostate cells, making it among the best herbs for prostate health. According to the National Library of Medicine, in some formulas the herb is combined with saw palmetto and pygeum for increased prostate health and treatment of enlarged prostate.