About the Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet in Bodybuilding Periods

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Arnold Schwarzenegger was an inspiration to many people in his bodybuilding era. Arnold used simple nutritional techniques and bodybuilder weightlifting routines to achieve his impressive physique. Including some of his diet tips can help you to reach your fitness goals and add lean muscle mass to your frame.


Many have things have changed, including lifting techniques and nutritional information, since Arnold's era in bodybuilding. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilders during the 1970s used to consume large amounts of dairy, meats and whole eggs. Now bodybuilders aim to be leaner and have cut out many high-fat foods from their diet to reduce body fat. Today, bodybuilders consume egg whites, chicken and tuna to reach their protein needs. Also, sports nutrition has evolved and caused many bodybuilders to turn to supplements such as creatine, amino acids and whey protein to attain their fitness goals.

Eat Many Small Meals

Arnold was a proponent of eating many small, high-protein meals throughout the day. He recommended eating 30 to 50 grams of protein with each meal every three hours, says Bodybuildingco.com. Protein is considered the building blocks of muscle, aiding in the building and maintenance of lean muscle mass. Also, protein will boost your metabolism and keep you satiated between meals.

Food Choices

Arnold's diet was rich in whole food and contained as little processed foods as possible. He acknowledged that nature knew how to make foods more digestible than scientists did, says HowToBeFit.com. Also, Arnold wasn't against carbohydrates, consuming 60 to 100 grams of carbs per day.


Diet has a dramatic effect on a bodybuilder's physique. A bulking phase consists of a high-calorie diet, lifting heavy weights and gaining large amounts of muscle mass. A cutting phase involves trimming down, participating in a low-calorie diet and lifting lighter weights for more repetitions. Arnold was more consistent with his diet throughout the year to avoid gaining fat or losing muscle. Consult a physician before committing to a bodybuilding diet.