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Testosterone Advantage Diet Meal Plan

By Dot Summer

The Testosterone Advantage plan is described in the book “The Testosterone Advantage Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Boost Energy” by Lou Schuler, Jeff Volek and Andy Campbell. The plan is for men and focuses on building muscle and losing weight with diet plus exercise. The authors claim that low-fat diets are not optimum for men and cite studies showing increased testosterone levels in men that eat more fat. They also emphasize that strength training increases testosterone.

Meal Plan Basics

The Testosterone Advantage Plan includes a nine-week diet customized according to your goals and your current weight. The authors suggest eating five meals a day to ensure constant blood sugar levels. Each meal contains a serving of hefty amount of protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats. The authors also recommend drinking 12 oz. of water with each meal. The book includes shopping lists with sample menus. Mike Mejia states in an online article that the plan is based on a Mediterranean-style diet with the addition of carbohydrates with low-glycemic levels and animal protein. There are three different meal plans: welterweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight.

Low-Fat Diets

According to the Testosterone Advantage Plan’s website, the recommended diet allows you to eat the high-fat foods you love, including sausage, chili and cheeseburgers, while still getting excellent results in terms of weight loss and muscle building. The site also states that low fat diets don't work for men because they suppress testosterone.

Low-Carb Diets

The authors of the plan say that low-carbohydrate diets create carbohydrate cravings. Instead, they recommend eating lots of low-glycemic carbohydrates including whole grains and leafy green vegetables while avoiding carbohydrates with a high-glycemic index such as white bread, sugar and pasta.

The Food Pyramid

Another concept stressed in the Testosterone Advantage Plan is that the food pyramid recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not sufficient for men in terms of optimum daily protein allowances. The diet proposed in the plan is 1/3 carbohydrates, 1/3 protein and 1/3 healthy fats.

Include Workouts for Maximum Effect

According to the authors, the maximum muscle building takes place when the plan’s diet and workouts are utilized together. The exercise sections of the book promote strength-training exercises over aerobics. The authors also suggest that while some aerobic exercise is beneficial, too much of it forces the body to break down muscle and is bad for joints. In the Testosterone Advantage plan, you work out intensely, but for no more than one hour a day.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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