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How to Lose Weight While Traveling

By Barb Nefer ; Updated June 13, 2017

Many people expect to gain weight while traveling. They expect to overindulge and pack on a few extra pounds when on vacation. If they are traveling for business, they may concentrate on their work and forget about making healthy choices. However, it's not inevitable to gain weight when you're traveling. You can lose weight if you are willing to implement some simple steps into your travel routine.

  1. Bring healthy snacks and bottled water with you while traveling. This will prevent you from stopping for fast food when you're traveling in a car. It will help you resist temptation if you are traveling in a plane on which calorie-laden snacks like cookies and soda are being served. The Fodor's travel website recommends snacks like fruit and energy bars because they are easy to pack and carry.

  2. Walk around as much as possible. Make frequent rest stops when traveling by car. Get out and walk around the area for several minutes to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing. You can also walk on an airplane. Get up once or twice and walk up and down the aisle.

  3. Get enough rest. You may be prone to snack when you're tired, so prevent this by getting enough sleep. Stop at a motel to rest when you're traveling by car. Bring a neck pillow and portable music player to help you sleep on an airplane. Once you get to your destination, continue to work in enough time to get the sleep you need.

  4. Schedule time for exercise. Whether you are on vacation or a business trip, block out time in your day to get some type of exercise. If you're staying in a hotel with a fitness room or pool, use it for your workout. Otherwise, devote some time to walking or jogging or plan leisure activities that involve some kind of physical activity. If you are going to go sightseeing, Fodor's advises to do it on foot.

  5. Select foods carefully. You will most likely be eating restaurant meals when you are traveling. Make healthy choices, like salads with no dressing, lean meats and vegetable dishes without heavy sauces. Eat healthy snacks like fruit and nuts in between your meals so you won't be tempted to buy high-calorie snacks. If your hotel has a microwave, try to dine in when possible. Otherwise, Fodor's says to avoid fast food and stick with restaurants that have healthier choices.

  6. Tip

    You cannot bring liquids through a security checkpoint when traveling by plane, so bring an empty water bottle with you. Fill it up at a drinking fountain after you get through security.


    Don't completely deprive yourself when traveling. Fodor's says you can indulge a bit and still lose weight if you adopt an either/or attitude. For example, you can allow yourself to have dessert if you limited your dinner to a salad. However, if you had a large entree, then skip the sweets.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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