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Do Pushups Burn Fat Around the Arm?

By William McCoy

Performing pushups while exercising at home or during a gym workout can lead to a strong, healthy body. Although pushups can play a role in fat loss, the exercise won't specifically burn the fat around your arms. It's possible to lose your excess body fat through healthy eating and a fitness regimen that includes cardiovascular exercise and strength-training activities such as pushups.

Part of the Solution

Spot reduction, a concept that suggests it's possible to select the location of the fat you wish to burn, is a myth. Burning fat occurs when your body burns a greater number of calories than it consumes. Despite burning calories at a very low rate, pushups aid in fat loss by elevating your metabolism, which occurs as you develop your chest, shoulders and arms through the exercise. Although resistance training should be part of your fat-loss fitness routine, always place an emphasis on frequent cardio and a reduction in your intake of calories.

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