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Rapid Weight Gain & Pain

Pain and weight gain are closely related. Carrying excess weight causes a number of health-related issues. Additional pressure on your joints and difficulties with your heart are just a few of these problems. There are few benefits to increasing your numbers on the scale. Gaining weight slowly may allow your body to adjust to the excess strain but gaining it quickly is a shock to all your body's systems.

Joint Pain

Weight-bearing joints, such as ankles, knees and hips, are used to supporting a certain load. If your weight increases quickly, say 20 lbs. over a few months, it will cause the joints quite an increase in stress. According to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, being only 10 lbs 1. overweight will increase force on your knees by 30 percent to 60 percent. This will cause pain in the joints and cause the cartilage to break down faster.

Breathing Troubles

An increase in weight will make it difficult to breathe properly. Increased strain on the lungs makes it hard to take a deep breath and may make conditions such as asthma or bronchitis worse, according to Irish nutrition expert and diet guru Anne Collins. In addition, pressure on the chest while sleeping, may cause diseases, such as sleep apnea, where the sufferer stops breathing for short periods while asleep.

High Blood Pressure

The more weight you carry, the harder the heart has to work to carry blood throughout the body. This causes additional pressure, pain and fatigue to your entire frame, according to KidsHealth.

Other Conditions

Rapid weight gain can cause other painful conditions as well, according to 2. Constipation, dermal rashes in skin folds, fatigue and depression are common in those who have gained a significant amount of weight. When the body is quickly forced to work harder than it has before, all of its systems suffer.

Healthy Lifestyle

It's important to maintain a healthy, steady body weight. No matter what health issues you suffer from, eating a moderate diet and performing whichever exercises your body is capable of will serve you best and keep your body functioning at its prime.