The Best Exercises to Remove Excess Facial Skin

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Having excess skin on the face is a normal part of aging. Everything from repetitive facial expressions to weight loss can contribute to its development. You can use exercise, however, to slow the aging process and remove excess facial skin by toning and tightening it.


According to, excess or droopy facial skin can be caused by a variety of factors. Aging is No. 1, of course, since as you age, the skin loses its elasticity, resulting in saggy, excess skin. However, other conditions can cause excess skin as well, like Bell's palsy and stroke.


To tone and tighten up the skin around the eyes, there are several exercises you can do, but an especially effective one is detailed by author of "The Yoga Face," Annelise Hagen, in "Time" magazine. To get rid of droopy excess skin around the eyes in the form of crow's feet, you can sit up straight in a chair and smile while placing your fingers on the outside corners of your eyes. While holding onto the skin, move your lower eyelids up and down in contracting motions as though you're trying to close your eyes.


To get rid of smile lines and wrinkles around the mouth, you can do the smile exercise as detailed by the California Dental Specialty Group. With your face relaxed, smile with your lips pressed together, then reveal only the side teeth, then expose your upper teeth. Hold for 10 seconds during each phase of the smile. This will tighten up the muscles around your mouth, drawing any excess skin in tighter and making it less noticeable.


Getting rid of the excess skin on your chin and neck could be as simple as tracing your lips, according to Hagen. That is, you could perform a simple exercise that involves making your mouth into an "O" shape, then use your tongue to trace the outline of your lips while keeping the rest of your face relaxed. This can give your lips some plumping action as well.


You can tighten up and tone the skin on your face using exercises, but if you have a lot of excess skin that droops far from your muscles, it may require plastic surgery to fix, says the University of Michigan. A face lift would involve cutting away the excess tissue and lifting what's left behind so that it sits higher on your face.