How to Prevent Loose Jowls & Sagging Facial Skin

Most people who work out in gyms or in the home spend plenty of time on the arms, legs and torso, but usually forget exercises specifically for the face and neck muscles. For some reason, people seem to forget that these muscles also need to be exercised on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy muscle tone. Exercising the lower face and chin and jaw muscles may help prevent jowls or loose, sagging skin around the jawline as you age.

Sit or stand in a relaxed, comfortable position and then gently tilt your head backward, like you're relaxing completely. With the chin tilted back, try to lift your lower lip over your top lip. Once you have it as far as you can stretch, hold the position for about five seconds. Then relax the lips but keep the chin tilted up. Practice the exercise with the lips four more times. You can do this exercise two to three times a day.

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Practice sticking out your tongue (when you're alone and in private, of course). Now, tilt your head backward and look at the ceiling. Stick that tongue out, pointing upward toward the ceiling as well. You will feel the stretch and pull not only at the back of the tongue, but all along the front of the neck and underneath the jaw or chin line. Hold the position for about five seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise three or four more times as comfortable. You can repeat this exercise several times a day if you wish.

Lie down on your back on your bed or a sofa, with your head hanging down over the end, face turned upward facing the ceiling 1. Arms should be at your sides, your body relaxed and comfortable. Slowly and evenly, lift your head upward until it is even with the rest of your body. You should feel this exercise all around the front of the throat and you may even feel a pull at the back of your head near your neck. This is because your body is not used to lifting the head in this position. Hold the head in this position for a count of 10 if you can, five seconds if you feel any discomfort. Relax. Repeat the exercise several more times. You can extend the hold time to 10 or 15 seconds as you grow stronger.

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Stand or sit, and place one fist under the bottom of your chin. Now, keeping pressure lifting upward with the fist, open your mouth and lower your jaw, pressing against your hand. You can do this move fairly quickly, shooting for opening your mouth between 10 and 20 times. This is a facial exercise described in a video by Jack LaLanne in the 1950s that is still effective today. See the link for a YouTube video describing this exercise.