How Many Calories Does Turbo Jam Burn?

Turbo Jam is one of several exercise program offerings from Beach Body. If you purchase the program you'll receive two DVDs of different levels, a guidebook, position study cards and a pair of "sculpting gloves."

Program Basics

According to their website, Turbo Jam combines cardio aerobics, kickboxing moves, body sculpting and dance motions for the physical aspects of the workout. As with many Beach Body products, they put the routine to a background of high-energy, motivating music.

Claimed Calorie Burn

The Turbo Jam website claims that you can burn "up to 1,000 calories an hour" doing their program. The advertising cites an unidentified "recent university study" to support this claim.

Independent Support

Health resource website Nutristrategy doesn't have facts specifically on Turbo Jam, but does provide information of various exercise routines. According to Nutristrategy, an hour of high-impact aerobics such as Turbo Jam burns about 500 calories in a person of average size. Jazz dance burns only 320 calories per hour. Kickboxing aerobics, the most rigorous component of Turbo Jam, burns 700 calories per hour. By these metrics, you are likely to burn between 400 and 600 calories per hour of Turbo Jam workout.