Calories Burned in an Hour of Softball

Recreational softball may not be thought of as a major calorie-burning activity on the level of soccer, cycling or squash -- sports with continuous action. However, softball does enable a person to burn a significant number of calories.

Calories Burned

Harvard Health Publications estimates that softball burns 300 calories an hour for a 125-pound person. This figure rises to 372 calories for someone 155 pounds and 444 for someone 185 pounds.

More About Calories Burned

The website NutriStrategy provides slightly higher figures for athletes who play softball or baseball, estimating that a 155-pound person burns 352 calories an hour. A pitcher weighing 155 pounds burns even more calories, 422 an hour. An umpire who weighs 155 pounds burns 281 calories an hour.

Benefits of Softball

Softball burns as many calories per hour as skateboarding, kayaking or walking at 4.5 mph, according to Harvard Health Publications. Softball burns more calories than golf using a cart, horseback riding and gymnastics and less than downhill skiing, swimming, jogging or racquetball.