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Calories in Hemp Hearts

By William Lynch

Hemp Hearts, or shelled hemp seeds, provide a source of balanced proteins, essential fats and vitamins. Unlike other foods, Hemp Hearts deliver their nutrition without an excess of carbohydrates, sugars or saturated fats, while also keeping calories to a minimum.


Hemp Hearts has 511 Calories and 22.22 g of Protein per 100 gram serving according to the nutrition facts provided by the USDA Food Composition Database.


Hemp Hearts may be eaten straight from a spoon or sprinkled over cereal and salads, mixed into yogurt and smoothies or added to any variety of meals for extra flavor and nutrition.


One tablespoon of Hemp Hearts contains 63 calories, according to My Fitness Pal.


A tablespoon of Hemp Hearts has 5 g of total fat, 1 g of saturated fat, 4 g of polyunsaturated fat, 1 mg of sodium, 1 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of dietary fiber, 4 g of protein and 8 percent of the daily recommended value of calcium, according to My Fitness Pal. Hemp Hearts also contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and B vitamins.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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