How Many Calories Are Burned While Playing Dodgeball?

Dodgeball isn't just kids play. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list dodgeball as a moderate-intensity workout for adults, too 1. The longer you play, the more calories you burn.


Moderate-intensity aerobic exercise makes you breathe faster and sweat a little 2. If you can talk in short sentences during an activity, but not sing a song, this indicates moderate exertion.


Dodgeball burns about 75 calories in 25 minutes and 150 calories in 50. This is based on exertion at three times the effort of sitting quietly.


The more you move during a game of dodgeball, the more calories you can burn. If you play with a small number of people, for example, you may have to move faster. An especially active game of dodgeball can burn up to 150 calories in 25 minutes.