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Calories in Gazpacho Soup

By Jessica Bruso

Gazpacho, a cold soup typically made with a mix of bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and olive oil, is high in nutrients, including vitamin C and manganese. If you choose the canned version, gazpacho is high in sodium, so it's healthier to make this soup yourself. The calories in your gazpacho will vary, based on the recipe you use.

Calorie Comparisons

A cup of canned gazpacho has just 46 calories. This is on the low side for this type of soup. Because the soup is almost fat-free, you can tell it doesn't contain any of the traditional olive oil. On the high end of the calorie range, you'll find a soup made with plenty of olive oil that has about 390 calories per cup. Each 1-cup serving of this soup contains 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Another gazpacho recipe that's lower in calories, with 190 per cup, is made with only one-eighth of the olive oil but gets some added fat and calories from the addition of one-eighth of an avocado diced into each bowl. Although including olive oil and avocado increases the fat and calories in gazpacho, both ingredients contain mostly heart-healthy unsaturated fats. For a lower calorie dish, reduce the amount of these ingredients or remove them from the recipe.

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