List of Bland Foods for a Child With Diarrhea

Diarrhea in children can be a result of illness or infection, antibiotic use, a high-fructose diet or another food sensitivity, according to MedlinePlus. Pediatricians once recommended that children eat a BRAT diet which included bananas, rice, applesauce, toast with yogurt and tea sometimes included. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that your child resume eating a well-balanced, regular diet, as the BRAT plan may lack the nutrition required to recover from illness 1. A bland diet, or simply avoiding high-fat, high-fiber and spicy foods and those high in simple sugars, can provide adequate nutrition while being gentle on the gastrointestinal system.


Feed your child low-fiber grains such as dry white toast or English muffins, white rice and egg noodles. Avoid high-fiber grains, or those mixed with nuts and seeds.


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Low-fiber vegetables include cooked carrots, cooked celery, cooked green beans and skinless potatoes. Avoid raw vegetables that high in fiber, such as corn, green salad and broccoli.


Good choices include applesauce, bananas or fruit canned in juice. Avoid pulpy citrus juices, like orange juice or lemonade. Avoid the skins of fruits.


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You may want to avoid dairy when diarrhea is an issue. One exception is yogurt, particularly if diarrhea is caused by antibiotic use. The beneficial probiotics in the yogurt may help improve intestinal flora.

Protein Sources

Lean baked or broiled chicken or turkey breast are best. Use them in soups like chicken noodle or turkey rice. Avoid feeding your child fatty meat, beans and nuts when she is suffering from diarrhea.


Fluids are essential to sick children, so rehydrate them with gelatin, Popsicles, water or small amounts of juice. Your pediatrician may recommend an electrolyte replacement drink.